School of Dance
Huang Danyang, BFA

As a dance choreographer, Huang captured what’s happening during the Covid-19 pandemic from the perspective of an observer. Through modern dance techniques, Huang explored the mental world of people behind their masks - the complex emotions people experience during the pandemic, including sadness, desperation, anxiety, frustration, loneliness, suspicion and also happiness.

作為舞蹈編舞,黃同學從觀察者的角度捕捉了疫情期間的情況。 黃同學透過現代舞蹈技巧探索了人們戴著面具的心理世界 - 疫情期間人們所經歷的複雜情感,包括悲傷,絕望,焦慮,沮喪,孤獨,猜疑以及幸福。