Wash Hands!

School of Music
Wong Lok Hang Amos, BMus

Midi art refers to Midi signals (musical notes) forming words or some form of images on screen. After seeing another British composer composing Midi art with the words "Stay Home", Wong was inspired to create "Wash Hands!" with a more upbeat feeling. Running for exactly 20 seconds, the art helps remind people to wash their hands for a full 20 seconds. The 5 virtual instruments that were used here are Piano, Organ, Bass, Celesta and Drum Set.


迷笛藝術是指在屏幕上形成單詞或某種形式的圖像的迷笛信號(音符)。 在看到另一位英國作曲家用“ Stay Home”一詞組合迷笛藝術之後,黃同學受到啟發,創作了更加輕快旋律的“ Wash Hands!”。持續運行正好20秒鐘,該藝術作品可以提醒人們洗手20秒鐘。 此處使用的5種虛擬樂器是鋼琴,風琴,低音,天琴和鼓組。