Hotel California

School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts
Szeto Tsz Chun, Jason, BFA
Lam Chung Hang, Gut, BFA
Seto Ka Long, Clong, BFA
Siu Chun Chin, Stephanie, BFA
Chung Hin Pak, BFA
Bryan Leung, BFA
Chow Kin Wa, Arthur, BFA
Tang Yat Yin, Ian, BFA
Li Hin Ching, Edan, BFA
Chau Kin Chung, BFA
Lai Wan Yu, Laifishfish, BFA
Ng Siu Ming, Samuel, BFA

Szeto felt that students from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts have often been thought of as people who lack creativity and only focus on technical speciality. With a background in music, Szeto wanted to showcase his peers and his creative ability to produce music during the Covid-19 period. In a short time, the group of students came up with a unique arrangement of "Hotel California" by the Eagles, showing that although the social isolation separated them from one another, they were connected by music and their unlimited creativity.

司徒同學認為舞台及製作藝術學院的學生經常被視為是缺乏創造力而只專注於技術方面。 擁有音樂背景的司徒同學希望與同伴一起展示他們在疫情期間音樂創作的能力。 在很短的時間內,這群學生重新編制了Eagles的“Hotel California”,在曲中表露出他們雖然要彼此隔離,但是他們卻被音樂和無限的創造力聯繫在一起。