Leaving this Earth behind

School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts
Tang Yat Yin Ian, BFA

The inspiration for this song came, as Tang and his girlfriend were looking at the Covid-19 emergency. The Earth, as Tang saw it, is getting worse day by day. He longed to leave this Earth behind along with his loved ones, while thinking at the same time that people should cherish their friends, relatives and loved ones.

無論如何也要 離開地球

歌曲的創作靈感源自跟女友在疫情下看急症的經歷。這個地球一天比一天壞,倘若有能力,我想帶著親愛的人 離開這個荒誕的地球;再者生命短促,我們也應好好珍 惜身邊的朋友,親人和愛人。